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Posted by admin On July - 3 - 2009

What a great gift:-
Or should I say welcome to our virtual shop because our physical presence is based in Malta, a small island in the Mediterranean where English is the second language. As I mentioned in the first line we specialize in hand made jewelery and what makes us so different is that 95% of all our jewelery we design and make ourselves.

Streetcraft is where Goran and his wife Lourdes operate from. Originally from Zagreb, Croatia, Goran Carevic, 49, is a true craftsman of the old tradition. During one of his itineraries around the world, he made it to Malta some twelve years ago. Like good old Ulysses, Goran found his Calypso and has since been mesmerized by his wife Lourdes. Malta is now Gorans adoptive country and has been so for the past ten years.

With their Streetcraft, Goran and Lourdes provide the Artisan Market with a touch of mystic class: artistic hand-made jewelery created by this exotic couple. The theme is new age but things of beauty are a joy forever. Goran and Lourdes flaunt their creativity in the shapes of semi-precious stones, glass pearls, and Bohemian crystal.

Life at Bay Street has been kind to us, confesses Goran. From a small shop at the back of the Artisan Market, we have now expanded and today we have three doors widely open to customers. Goran & partner dont just design jewelery. Lourdes and I have done all that was required to expand the business: we designed the space to be open and refreshing. We have also produced all the necessary furniture. We have even designed the lights! Everything!

Before Bay Street, it was City Gate for over six years. It was tough, Goran reminisces. But it was worth it. Tourists bought our stuff and took it away with them overseas. Years later, Lourdes recognizes her design in some upmarket fashion magazine. They imitate the design of her jewelery and make it popular all over Europe.

Gorans conviction is disarming. He believes in his product, his wifes creative powers and the unbeatable teamwork that exists between them both. Lourdes has always been the driving force behind whatever I do in life. Together we feel we can meet any challenge.

Goran takes time out to demonstrate that hes capable of fashioning the name ALEXANDRA from a silver wire in less than one minute. In fifty seconds flat he delivers ALEXANDRA in perfect calligraphy all set for Alex to wear on her lapel. Amazing stuff. The dexterity of a magician at work. I was involved in alternative medicine up until recently and I still give lectures about the powers of stones and crystals. There are certain mysteries about these phenomena that we need to get to know before it is too late, muses Goran.

All this positive energy personalized by Goran and his partner Lourdes is being directed towards the creation of the Artisan Market as the hub of an entire locality, not just Bay Street, but the whole of St Georges Bay area fast developing into Maltas prime recreation center for all social strata of the Maltese population. Inspired by the alternativeness of its operators, Streetcraft adds to the fun and color of the project.

For a song, you can take a short break from whatever your are up to in St Georges and pop in at Gorans to have your name written on a grain of rice and then preserved in a small glass container filled with oil and sealed with a silver stopper, and finally suspended on a silver chain. All this will be done for you before you can utter “abra catabra “.